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To train the dental graduates of this institution, to acquire adequate knowledge, necessary skills and attitudes required for carrying out all the activities appropriate to diagnosis, investigations and treatment plan.


Goal of the Department

Upon completion of this course the student should be able to

  1. Identify and differentiate between normal and abnormal somatic dento-facial and psychological growth and development
  2. Understand child behaviour and anxiety and be able to communicate and manage children showing apprehension and moderately disruptive behaviour using behavioural and pharmaco-therapeutic techniques
  3. Develop and accurate database from child and parent information and formulate an accurate diagnosis
  4. Diagnose and plan appropriate therapy for common oral health problems in children
  5. Provide treatment for mental, physical and emotionally handicapped children and also for the medically compromised patients
  6. Recognize and manage medical emergencies commonly encountered in children and adolescent undergoing treatment
  7. Develop a preventive program for an individual patient
  8. Make appropriate referrals



Department provides OPD services to the Hospital and has new patient inflow of approximately 35/ day on an average.