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 New Pargaon,Hatkanangale, Dist. Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

(Run by Mahatma Gandhi Charitable Medical Trust, Warananagar) 

(Recognized by Dental Council of India, New
Delhi and Affiliated to MUHS, Nashik)

 NAAC Self Study Report of Tatyasaheb Kore Dental College and
Research Centre


Excellence, innovation and service in dental education and oral
health care.



To be universally recognized health care institute in the rural
area with the centre of excellence in oral health care and education. Operating
along with collaborative research training that provides unparalleled quality
oral health care and education for all including predominantly backward and
devoid sections of the society.
Providing standard dental education to make
students globally competent ethically and socially responsible by inculcating
value systems among them. Offering the best oral health care and engaging
in research, scholarship and creative endeavours to improve the health of
highly diverse populations provide quality education to faculty development and
affordable teaching learning resources and facilities thereby contributing to
national development.


 · Globally competent dental professionals

·  Best faculty and employees

.·  Excellence in patient care and community

 ·  High quality research oriented

· Strengthening and diversifying financial


 Provide undergraduate and post graduate degree
programs that produce Biologically-oriented, technically-competent and
ethically and socially-sensitive practitioners responsive to the needs of the
nation and the global community

  • To make Individuals imbued with professionalism, integrity, excellence,
    nationalism and respect for diversity of cultures
  • To make dental education accessible to the disadvantaged sections of the
  • Optimal infrastructures to keep up with the evolving trends in dental education
    using smart technologies in all divisions/ branches of the dental practice. 
  • Providing technology-mediated education (ICT) and to shift the focus from
    teaching to learning
  • Building bridges, local, regional and global communications by providing
    competency based educational programs
  • To offer continuing education programs for the development of the profession
  • To provides opportunities to faculty members to update their knowledge, skills
    and research capabilities by encouraging them to attend to faculty development
    programs / workshops / seminars
  •  Strengthening the research ranking of the College by encouraging and
    inculcating the spirit of research among the faculty and the students.
  • To impart dental health awareness among the public and to offer quality dental
    healthcare at an affordable cost, with special focus on rural population
  •  Cultivates a team of educators, learners and auxiliary staff committed to
    excellence, leadership and service